Right now, nothing may sound better than a lovely winter getaway. And if that is exactly what you are thinking, then you may already have a few options in mind. Since there are several such places to choose from that somehow seem to be equally attractive, you will need to narrow down on a few so that you can make the best choice. It is going be quite difficult to decide if you should go to a place with cool temperatures or rather just sunbathe the entire duration of your vacation. Whatever you may have in mind, here are a few of the top winter destinations that will help make your decision easier.

5. Las Vegas

Probably the only place that is on everyone’s list of Must-Visit-Places. Las Vegas is as exciting in reality if not more, than what is shown in movies and magazines. Las Vegas, of course, has more to offer than just its casinos (which are pretty impressive). If you love pampering yourself, the spas at Las Vegas will do just that. The clothing stores alone will make your trip worth it.

4. Sisters Oregon

If the sun isn’t your priority and you are in the mood for some serious winter fun, Sisters Oregon is the place to go. Snowboarding, skiing, and other fun sports await you. A visit to the snow park, living in the rustic cabins, trying out the coffee (it is good) and other stuff will get you falling in love with this cozy place.

3. Puerto Rico

One of the most fun places in America, Puerto Rico, will surely get your vacation mode on. If you love surfing, these waters are perfect for it. Or if you instead want to lay out your blanket and get the perfect tan, that’s cool too. For the adventurous, you could try snorkeling and may be lucky enough to bump into a humpback whale. But if you rather stay on land then remember to carry your dancing shoes as you salsa the night away.

2. San Diego

If you are looking for a perfect place to sunbathe all day and party all night, San Diego is the one for you. With awesome weather and beautiful beaches, you can finally actually relax while soaking in some sun. Later, the San Diego nightlife will enthrall you. This picturesque winter destination will be one to remember and may leave you coming back for more.

1. New Orleans

New Orleans may is not that famous as a destination spot, but those who have been there couldn’t help falling in love with it. With cool temperatures throughout the day, New Orleans is a perfect winter destination. The main reason for visiting New Orleans during winter is because of Mardi Gras. But even if you happen to miss it, don’t worry there are several other exciting things like the French Quarter, City Park, mouthwatering seafood etcetera to look forward to.

These top winter destinations will not disappoint, so you can be assured of a good winter vacation no matter which place you end up choosing. While there may exist other factors to consider like the hotel prices, activities in the area and the temperature of course; the destination you pick should mostly depend on what exactly you plan to do during your vacation.